Tipping your Movers

tipping for services
Moving clients put a lot of faith and trust in professional movers; a reason why good movers are highly priced for their competency. The clients entrust their valuables to movers, some of which they do not even know.

Cheap removalists who deliver excellent services in a professional manner and with abundant etiquette deserve to be tipped. You can tip them either in cash, buying them lunch, or even both.

Your tip should be based on the job performance. If the crew was attentive, professional and helpful, give them a fair tip. However, if the service provider had a bad attitude and poor work habits, a tip is not considered worthy.

Usually, movers do not expect a tip; they however appreciate when given. A tip is a sign of recognizing the effort of the crew as worthy.

Moving is a stressful event, coupled with numerous details which need special attention. Tipping is just one of the details. Here is a quick reference to ensure that the crew are kept happy and going:
– Ensure you have enough refreshments and water at hand to re-freshen the crew.

– You can tip the movers buying them lunch in lieu of a tip. You can also do both. If you however opt to buy them lunch, ensure you get their preferred food.

– Get a consensus moving tip that is relative to the amount of work involved. Consider the moving distance, loading time, if you have lots of heavy furniture, a steep lot, narrow winding stairs, etc, before deciding on the appropriate moving tip.

– Avoid giving a lump sum to the driver or foreman. Instead, give, each worker their tip. If you have employed a man with a van, then you can pay him directly, but if you have hired two men and a truck, then tip each one separately. This shows that you individually recognize and appreciate their efforts. You also avoid giving the chance to some unscrupulous foremen who opt to keep the entire amount for themselves.

– Beer is always discouraged. Alcohol is stereotypical. Moreover, most legitimate companies have regulations against drinking on the job. There are are also some liability issues. Cash tipping the movers is always the best. Let them spend their tip as they please.


Thank you for your generosity from Thanksgiving until the New Year.  “God’s not going to come down and show us his love.  We have to let God’s love work through us.”  You have been very generous in showing God’s love for so many people.

At Thanksgiving we helped 10 needy families with turkeys, hams, potatoes, and lots of canned good and candy.

At Christmas we helped 18 needy families – again, an outpouring of God’s love through all of you, with food.  You really made a difference in their Christmas!

The Angel Tree was another example of God’s love through us.  We were able to provide 84 gifts amongst 25 families.  Some children were able to receive more than one gift.  Each of these families was also given a $25 food gift certificate.

We did not forget our senior citizens.  Several of them received a $50 food gift certificate to add to their Christmas festivities.

The Parish also received a $1000 gift given anonymously to be used to help needy families.

But we did not stop our generosity at Christmas.  The Knights of Columbus set up a special fund – The McGivney Fund – which will be used for needy families in the months to come.  Several of the Knights have been very generous in donating to this fund and wish to remain anonymous.  Another example of God’s love working through us!

I am most grateful to Kathy Laskis for all her assistance in coordinating these efforts and the many hours she spent carrying through the Christmas and Thanksgiving projects.  I also want to thank all of the volunteers who delivered food, wrapped gifts, and to the Thomasville Police Department who packaged the food baskets.

I am truly grateful for these many ways that you have let God’s love work through you.  As we continue to grow as a community I look forward to the continued outpouring of generosity.  Giving to the needs of our community will futher distinguish Our Lady of the Highways as a community that let’s God love work through us.

Father Jim

Faith Formation

Faith Formation at Our Lady of the Highways

Welcome to the Faith Formation Program at Our Lady of the Highways. As each of your children was baptized, you agreed to be your child’s first and best teacher in the faith. We thank you for letting us have the opportunity to support you in fulfilling your commitment to God, the Church, and especially to your child. Throughout the year we will have special family activities, which we hope you will attend together as a family to help strengthen your bonds to each other and to God. We are very fortunate to have the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, so your young children can begin building a wonderful personal relationship with God. As your children get older they will be in classes, which are more traditional with regular textbooks. All classes are bi-lingual. Periodically your child will be bringing home their books, and homework, so please do these activities together to help you be more connected to the program. Each week your child will need to bring their books, Bible, paper and pencils so they can participate more fully in the learning process. If a book is lost, you will need to pay $25.00 for a replacement book to be ordered. Please try your best not to lose the books. If at any time you have questions, suggestions, or concerns please feel free to contact me.

May God bless your family as together we continue to strengthen our families and our faith.

Kathy Laskis – Coordinator of Faith Formation

Attendance Policy

The children and adults are encouraged and welcome to participate in our programs regardless of physical or mental handicap, parochial school attendance, or limited finances.  Please take your child to their class so that the teacher knows they are here and accepts responsibility for them.  Likewise, please do not leave a child or teen unattended in a classroom, building, or on the property.  If you arrive before your child’s teacher, please wait with your child for the teacher to arrive.

Rules and Discipline Policy

  1. There will be no eating, drinking, or gum permitted in the classrooms.
  2. Students should be on time for class to allow classes to begin and end on time.
  3. Teachers, aids, substitutes, and any other adults will be addressed as “Mr., Mrs., Miss, Father, etc.”“Ma’am” and “Sir” will be used appropriately.
  4. There will be no foul language, hitting, teasing, fighting, wrestling, etc. allowed.Anyone who, by their actions, consistently keeps other students from learning will be removed from the group.
  5. No cell phones, I-pods, gameboys, books other than textbooks for class, etc. will be allowed during class.

If disciplinary action is needed to maintain a good learning environment, the process will be:

  1. The teacher will speak to the student
  2. The teacher will speak to the parents
  3. The parents will be asked to sit in on the class with their child or tech them at home until they are ready to return to the group situation.

The Knights Of Columbus


Dedicated to making a difference, and building a future.


Today, we’re looking for the next generation of Knights. For that reason, it’s very important to actively search out and recognize potential new members. Keep in mind that the best way to approach a prospect is simply to be yourself.

When speaking to a Knights of Columbus prospect, follow these simple tips:

• Share what being a member has meant to you and your family

• Mention the social rewards of being a Knight, as well as other member benefits, such as Knights of Columbus Insurance

• Emphasize the programs and activities of your local council

• Make yourself available and answer whatever questions he may have


Time and again, Knights have proven that, through unfaltering fellowship, our individual efforts to improve our communities are magnified. And by creating strong, friendly, and supportive atmospheres in local councils, we also create a better Order worldwide. Additionally, each local council also strives to:

• Promote and sponsor cultural activities for Knights and their families

• Hold a variety of social ac!ivities exclusivel~ for Knights

• Endorse athletic activities, including Knights of Columbus softball teams

• Educate members and non-members about the history of the Order


The importance of helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders is a huge concern of the Order’s. To that end, many local councils sponsor youthand family-focused endeavors, such as:

• Support of local youth groups that help boys and girls build a strong sense of civic and religious responsibility

• Promotion of local athletic programs, as well as

holding our annual Free Throw championship

• Sponsorship of wholesome social activities

• Sponsorship of Squire circles, the Order’s

• official international youth organization for young men, ages 10-18



From the very beginning, the central focus of the Order has been safeguarding the financial security of Knights and their families. Available exclusively to Knights of Columbus members and their families, your Order’s insurance program ranks in the top five percent of life insurance companies in North America. * In addition to exceptional financial protection, you’ll also get personal service from a trained life insurance professional who’s a brother Knight, just like you.

* Based on total value of assets, as published in the National Underwriter.



To that end, Knights of Columbus councils offer programs that strengthen family and marital bonds. In addition to including our families in the Order’s culture, we also:

• Hold family-focused activities designed to help families communicate better and grow together

• Support a variety of programs to fortify the family unit, such as our “Family of the Month” program that honors outstanding families

• Promote education through fellowships, scholarships, and student loans

• Provide financial assistance and moral support during times of need


TOGETHER, KNIGHTS HAVE A POWERFUL VOICE. One that speaks out for religious and moral values, and speaks out against fear and indifference. By actively and financially supporting a multitude of worthy causes, Knights of Columbus members all over the world have improved communities by:

• Volunteering millions of hours to community services

• Donating over a billion dollars to charitable causes

• Helping countless men, women, and children in times of need

• Promoting civic involvement and, thereby, a sense of national pride

• Helping preserve the environment

• Focusing attention on health care matters

• Leading the charge in support of all life issues


AS KNIGHTS, FAITH IS OUR FOUNDATION. Dedicated to the Catholic Church’s growth and her good works, we serve the Church and help strengthen our personal faith by:

• Providing financial and spiritual support of religious education, outreach, and vocations

• Demonstrating our dedication to the Pope and his teachings

• Ensuring the future growth and – development of the Church

• Promoting evangelization through our Catholic advertising program


WE ARE AN ORGANIZATION LIKE NO OTHER. 1.7 million members worldwide, and growing.  An organization that, since 1882, has raised over a billion dollars for countless charitable causes.


Guided not only by our belief in God and the Catholic Church, but by our belief in each other and in ourselves.


An organization strengthened by the successes of our past, and driven by our goals for the future. Dedicated to five key areas of service-faith, community, family, youth, and fellowship. Dedicated to making a difference.